Crazy Romance – Review

The complexity of the relationship is always an interesting theme raised to the big screen, this is a fact that is very difficult to refute. This is because, what is put forward can be a reflection of a person’s life experience or a case study so that the same thing can happen or be avoided so that the love relationship that is being undertaken can stay awake and end up happy.

That picture is also offered by a debutant ginseng film maker named Kim Han-gyeol. Focusing on the complex relationship of two coworkers who are both trying to rise from their past love problems, this film is a reunion event for actor Kim Rae-won with Gong Hyo-jin after their collaboration in Snowman, 16 years ago.

Jae-hoon, a practitioner in the field of advertising just broke up from his fiancé but still can’t let go. As a result, every time he got drunk, the routine he did was to contact his ex and act spontaneously. Until one morning, Jae-hoon realizes that while he was drunk the night before, he unknowingly called another number and talked to him for more than two hours.

Soon, he learns that someone is Sun-young, his co-worker, who just joined his team and introduces himself to him less than 24 hours before. Meanwhile, Sun-young herself is having a messy separation. On his first day at the office, he bumps into Jae-hoon while vilifying his unfaithful girlfriend to break up with him.

Despite the fact that they have come to learn more about each other’s love relationships than work, the subtle tension and awkwardness between them does not last long. They began pitting each other in a short time. Even when calling each other sad and ridiculous, they still care for each other in their hearts. Can each of them overcome their previous relationship and start a new relationship?

The most striking feature of the romantic comedy drama especially from Korea itself is the choice of the filmmaker to determine the age of two key characters. Crazy Romance presents a couple in their 30s who are swayed by their previous love relationship and have buried their emotional burden for a long time. This distinguishes this film from the stereotypes of many other Korean rom-drama dramas that present the problems of young couples with their own discomfort.

Packed as natural as possible, so that there is almost nothing fantastic or soft, it seems like the filmmaker wants to make a romantic comedy that is really close to the reality of adult love relationships. In fact, the interaction Games Online dan Offline between the two protagonists is confusing tug-of-war and multi-interpretation reactions that easily become misunderstandings. This makes the ‘romance’ put forward more interesting and fresher than the boy-meet-girl formula that keeps repeating in other films.

Crazy Romance
Crazy Romance

Even with the subplot. The destructive impact of social media and “rubbing” (gossip of office-ed people) in the work environment seems effective, making many people feel easy to empathize with the story put forward here.

However, films that have the original title Just an Ordinary Love Story are not without flaws. His girlfriend is arguably slow and some acting that might feel a little excessive for some characters slightly reduces the enjoyment of watching it. For the size of the rom-com drama film itself the humor and drama elements it builds are also less well developed. For other Korean complex romance drama films, Crazy Romance, in our opinion, is still not the best.

Overall, although the theme and storyline that he puts forward are close to the reality of many people, especially the single working class, the filmmaker’s narrative style here makes this film not a dish that can be enjoyed by all groups. However, for those who have just separated and need the spirit of life to be able to rise again, this film feels suitable as a recommendation as an alternative choice.

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