Fighting with My Family – Review

If you have always watched Wrestler from the past, it means watching Fighting With My Family is a must and must be added to your watch list.

The early story of the film Fighting With My Family paints an authentic and unique life picture of a working class family in Norwich, England.

The family runs a small wrestling franchise business in that place. Frost and Headey were very compelling, they gave many comedy scenes as Saraya’s parents and Jack Lowden who had aspirations with their siblings to join WWE. Games Online dan Offline

The core of this story focuses on Saraya when she fell in love with wrestling as a teenager and began sharing her dream with her brother to join WWE.

They began experimenting together at 02 Arena London. From there onwards their story could already know what it would be like, only the director of this film Stephen Merchant brought the story with a very different than usual.

One of the coolest things when watching Fighting With My Family is the battle choreography that is displayed really like you watch a WWE show. Many wrestling-style scenes and wrestling movements characteristic of the Wrestler Mania itself.

Not to mention this film featuring many WWE stars such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Big Show, and Seamus. The point is that the film Fighting With My Family is a comedy drama that is very entertaining and really good for you to watch. If you are a WWE lover then this film is perfect for you. However, for the layman about the world of Wrestling, this film can be a sweet comedy, action and family drama.

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