Doctor Sleep – Review

It’s been years since Dan Torrance has tried to let go of his terrible past. Alcohol is an escape. However, what was ringing in his head could not be released just like that. What caused it? And Torrance was introduced in the film The Shining which was released in 1980. This time, thanks to its privileges, Dan Torrance returned. Following the review of the film Doctor Sleep.

His beard is irregular. His face was matted. And Torrance (Ewan McGregor) is like a beggar who is displaced. Wanting her life to be better, Dan Torrance met new people in a quiet little town.

Unfortunately, there is nothing new in his head. When you fall asleep or make alcohol an escape from his life, and then hear the sounds he wants to forget. The voices that called him since he was little. Ever since his father did something crazy at a hotel called Overlook.

His move to a new city did not make Dan Torrance lose those voices. Instead he saw for himself with his eyes, the wall of his new room wrote an introduction. Starting from Abra to a kind of “youthful” group called The True Knot with their respective specialties. Who are they? Is this all connected with Dan’s past, or is this a destiny that must be fulfilled when getting a talent that no other human has.

Doctor Sleep

Still taking part in the genre of his first film, The Shining, the film Doctor Sleep is very strong in the drama part. Nearly three-quarters of the film relies more on the power of drama and all its conflicts. Not only Dan, but also Abra, to Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson).

The introduction of Games Online dan Offline each character and their respective goals become part of the drama plot which is finally well presented.

It’s just that for those who want to find out how and what causes and then become an alcoholic and gain strength, it is not explained clearly through this film. Only through his ‘extremely dangerous’ Overlook hotel gesture or hotel set explained why he could get that power.

The rest in the quarter of the film, the audience will be faced with a situation that is far from the impression of drama. Only at this moment the touch of the thriller-horror is presented. Inviting the audience to endure pain, and muffle screams, follow how the actors appear to solve their respective problems that have been presented from the beginning to lead to problem solving at the end of the film.

Not terrible, a presentation of a horror genre film with a new style. All because of the fantasy elements that are placed in this film, the part when Rose the That with his group playing with the “steam” taken from people who live and then killed. The fantasy is right, not excessive. Being able to balance between drama and thriller offered throughout the film.

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