Black Money – Synopsis

The film Black Money was directed by Chung Ji-young. The film Black Money stars Lee Ha-nee, Kang Shin-il, Cho Jin-woong, Choi Duk-moon, Lee Kyoung-young, Jo Han-chul and Heo Sung-tae. Games Online dan Offline

Yang Min-Hyuk (played by Cho Jin-Woong) works as a prosecutor for the Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office. He deals with a case involving Park Soo-Kyung (played by Lee Na-Ra), who crashed into several cars on the freeway. A few days later, Park Soo-Kyung was found dead.

Black Money
Black Money

Before his death, his last text message was sent to his younger sister. He claims that he experienced sexual harassment by Prosecutor Yang Min-Hyuk, then committed suicide.

Yang Min-Hyuk is trying to clear his name. With his investigation, he soon learned that Park Soo-Kyung was murdered and he also witnessed the sale of Daehan Bank at an extremely low price. Yang Min-Hyuk also met with Kim Na-Ri (played by Lee Ha-Nee). He works as a lawyer for Daehan Bank. The massive financial corruption case is in front of Yang Min-Hyuk.

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