Memories of Murder – Review

Memories of Murder based on true story of the Hwaseong murder in South Korea. The Hwaseong case is the first serial murder case in South Korea. The incident took place from 1986 to 1991 involving 10 female victims, which was revealed after 30 years of the incident.

When watching this film, you can clearly imagine the eerie atmosphere that happened in the past. So it is with the real difficulties faced by detectives at that time.

Memories of Murder tells the story of a detective named Park Do Man who is full of confidence but half-hearted in his work. He and his colleague, Yong Goo, liked to torture suspects in order to gain recognition. He did not even hesitate to fabricate evidence to ease the work.

Once Detective Park was assigned to handle a strange serial murder case. The killer always attacks women who wear red shirts at night when it rains, also coinciding with certain songs being played on the radio. Because he was deemed unable to work properly, he was assisted by a detective from Seoul named Seo Tae Yun.

They are two very different people. Detective Seo is a hard worker and always analyzes every case carefully. Although initially not get along, slowly the two detectives helped each other to find the suspect.

Throughout the story guaranteed to make you tense and curious. You could say this is the best detective mystery film from South Korea.

Memories of Murder stars Song Kang Ho, who has won many awards for best actors from various prestigious events. Since playing in Memories of Murder, his popularity has also increased. The film also stars Kim Sang Kyung, Kim Roi Ha, and senior actor Song Jae Ho who is already very well known in the South Korean film industry. Games Online dan Offline

Every great film not only presents an interesting story. Always tucked a moral message in every scene. Similarly, Memories of Murder will make you learn many things about life and justice.

For example when Yong Goo had to give his leg amputated. The audience certainly thinks that as a punishment because he often tortures people with his kick. There was also Detective Park who finally realized that everything he believed in was wrong and was a waste of time. It teaches humans to be more open to the views of others, and many other moral messages.

With the review above, you should watch the film Memories of Murder

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