House of Hummingbird – Synopsis

This film tells about ambiguity in human relations. Eun Hee, the main character in the film titled House of Hummingbird, has a complex life. When he was 14 years old.

Who should feel the good times of adolescence, but he has a life surrounded by severe problems. His life revolves around the turmoil created by the people around him.

Having a dysfunctional family who was indifferent to Eun Hee’s life, Eun Hee was isolated amid the circumstances that shackled her.

Even though Eun Hee has a sister and a brother. However, that doesn’t make Eun Hee live properly. Each family member has a problem that must be solved.

House of Hummingbird
House of Hummingbird

Set in 1994 when South Korea was at the time of the euphoria of FIFA world cup fever. Eun Hee lived her life heavily. Games Online dan Offline

His parents who often quarrel and beat, and conflicts with his friends, and promiscuity that Eun Hee should not have experienced. Making Eun Hee turn into a depressed girl who needs guidance.

However, all of Eun Hee’s problems seemed to slowly decay. When he met with a private Chinese language teacher, Young Ji. Young Ji slowly tries to enter Eun Hee’s world by means of words.

Understanding Eun Hee, until Eun Hee felt that no one could understand it in her except Young Ji. The transition period that Eun Hee was experiencing was slowly clear direction when Eun Hee met with Young Ji.

Eun Hee, played by talented young artist Park Ji Hoo, Young Ji is played by Kim Sae Byuk and Soo Hee is played by Park Soo Yeon. This film managed to receive various awards.

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