For those of you who are bored with ghost horror films that exist every month this year, the Crawl movie will be a refresher because it carries a horror thriller with a savage alligator and a big storm as a source of terror. The film was directed by Alexandre Aja (not Alexandre Doang), filmmaker The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha 3D.

In the movie Crawl, a major storm in Category 5 is engulfing Florida. Despite the storm, a swimmer, Haley Keller, played by Rich Scodelario (Maze Runner) ignores it and instead wants to find and evacuate his own missing father, Dave (Barry Pepper). When Haley was on a rescue and search mission for his father, the big storm made the river water overflow and release starving crocodiles. And Haley had to find his father in a small, water-filled room, under the terror of a ferocious crocodile. Interesting right?


The atmosphere throughout the film was tense because the treats of humans who have to face a very large ferocious predator and at the same time also have to face a big storm that rarely happens. Games Online dan Offline

The whole scene is guaranteed to keep you scared throughout the film. Like the scenes when they met with crocodiles in almost all parts of the house with their body condition that was alarming. Alexandre Aja managed to make us feel surrendered every time the crocodile entered the camera and chased to prey on the two protagonists because every scene was always made difficult.

CGI in this film is mediocre. Hit and miss. There are many scenes that look real, and there are also some that look not so convincing. But still this film successfully presents many surprising scenes in almost the entire film. Really can be enjoyed and will not be boring.

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