Spies in Disguise – Review

Spies In Disguise, an animated film with the genre of action and comedy that fits to watch on holidays with family and friends. The film is directed by Troy Quane and Nick Bruno who tells about the exciting adventure of the best secret agent from the United States named Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and smart young scientist with “strangely” nature, Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) to engage in secret missions together- same.

Lance is the type of person who relies heavily on himself and does not want to cooperate with others. You could say a little “over confident” realize that he is one of the best spy agents in the world. One day, Lance was faced with a challenge that made him have to work with Walter. There is something unique,

Spies in Disguise
Spies in Disguise

Lance transforms into a dove. What made it possible to turn into an animal? Better to find your own answers by watching. Spies In Disguise has many important messages in each scene, you will be taught to be willing to accept differences, to be taught to be “different” people is never wrong, and the importance of the meaning of cooperation.

Like, a movie about spies, there will certainly always be things that are tense and scary this part that makes you nervous. However, when converted into animation, the premise of this film becomes strange. Naturally, this is an animated film, which was made to entertain. As a result, the cohesiveness of director duo Nick Bruno and Troy Quane worked well to make the audience laugh throughout the film. Games Online dan Offline

This animation is like playing with unusual lighting and colors, maybe even because it is affected by the plot of the story that tells the story of the spies. The animation movement is also flexible and interesting to watch, feels right when the two main characters are filled with voices by Will Smith and Tom Holland. Plus Mark Ronson’s soundtrack, which makes this animated film really feels refreshing.

The film Spies in Disguise gives a lot of fun and a compilation of action and comedy that will be really funny. Mock an intelligence service up to how secret agents operate. One film that will divert your viewpoint from other spy-themed films that have been watched. A combination of silly slapstick comedy for young kids and some dark humor for adults. The result? Good and appropriate to watch during the holiday season later this year.

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