IP MAN 4 : FINALE – Review

Tells Ip Man who has cancer and has to travel to America looking for a better future for his son. However, Ip Man found a bitter reality in a country he thought would realize that dream, namely that there was racial discrimination that was far worse than he thought.

After the death of his wife, Ip Man who was a widower must accept the fact that the relationship with his son gradually distant. As a parent, he then looked for ways to make his son’s life better. He then decided to go to America armed with a plane ticket given by one of Bruce Lee’s students who came to see him in Hong Kong.

Because he needed a letter of recommendation for his son, not the warm welcome he received but the welcome speech from the Chinese Policy Association Head Wan Zhonghua (Wu Yue). Wan was disappointed with Lee, who taught Chinese martial arts to Americans, because they were considered unethical. Starting from there, Ip Man had to ease the tension between the local martial arts masters and his student, Lee, while speculating the fate of looking for a future for his son.

Through the film made by Yip, you will also be presented with a drama between father and son. Admittedly, the conflict between Ip and the child was very touching in the heart. The reason is, his son did not know that his father was trying his luck in another country while fighting cancer. make the drama more felt in this film.

Ip Man 4 : Finale
Ip Man 4 : Finale

Full of stunning action, you will be drugged by the high class battle of the actor. Lee’s figure who appeared at the beginning of the film Ip Man 3 (2015) and is now present in the film Ip Man 4 appears very satisfying. Games Online dan Offline

In this final round, Ip Man will face Barton Geddes. Full of tense action, you are treated to Wing Chun action against the fierce Karate. Not just serving the climax battle, you will be amazed by the battle between Ip Man and the martial arts master, Tai Chi Wan Zhonghua (Wu Yen). Equally having a high level of martial ability, this action of hand-to-hand combat is interesting to observe.

Ip Man 4: The Finale wants us to cheer and be moved on the final journey of the master Wing Chun. Hopefully, this film will truly be the last of Saga Ip Man. Because, Donnie Yen will retire to become a martial arts film star.

At the end of the film, scenes from Ip Man (2008) are shown to link to the film Ip Man 4. These scenes are at the same time in memory of the legendary character, Ip Man.

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