Tazza – One Eyed Jack (Review)

What is interesting about a film that involves people at the gambling table? Fraud, strategy fights, self-determination and others.
“Aside from your enemies, those at the table are friends.”
That’s the sentence from the legend, nicknamed One Eyed Jack (Seung-bum Ryoo). Games Online dan Offline

Film Tazza : One Eyed Jack not too special, but not too bad either. This film actually feels fun thanks to the presence of Kwang-soo Lee who of course you already know his appearance through Running Man. Although not the main character, but Kwang-soo Lee appeared to make the film atmosphere alive.

Placing Seung-bum Ryoo as one of the “important” characters in this film also gives a different aura. Seung-bum Ryoo actually performed very well compared to Jung-min Park who was the main cast. The rest, standard film stories and a number of actors who don’t really have important roles, can make Tazza: One Eyed Jack a fun film. One of them is because of the comedy seasoning that adorns 3/4 of this film.

The film starts about One Eyed Jack is a legendary gambler. Almost no one knows about him. Also, not many people know how his right eye is deformed. However, once he found Do Il-Chool (Jung-min Park) who was dying due to being tortured by the ‘Demons’, one by one the veil of One Eyed Jack opened.

He is a legendary con artist on a mission. The mission that eventually made One Eyed Jack then recruited Kkachi (Kwang-soo Lee), Ji-yeon Lim (Young-Mi), Kwon (Kwon Hae-Hyo).

Tazza : One Eyed Jack
Tazza : One Eyed Jack

Their expertise varies. There are really senior fraudsters, card dealers who are good at processing anything with their hands and talk, plus the tempter who can fool anyone without being noticed. Combined with the legendary One Eyed Jack’s Abilities, and of course Il-Chool, an ambitious but still immature young gambler.

They are trying to fool an old man who is greedy with property. Everything about money, women, money, women, money, women and money. Con artists meet con artists. What happens next? There are no ‘good’ people in this film. The trick of manipulating and rearranging the strategy to become a winner is a picture that is presented throughout the film.

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