The Divine Fury – Review

The Divine Fury is one of the hit Korean films now. One of them is the strength of the premise which is quite promising. Modern horror genre wrapped with action-thriller becomes one of the unexpected slick combination.

Park Yong-Hu’s (Park Seo-Joon) doubt about God is strong. Everything happened because of his past that was so class. His mother is dead. His father tragically died.

For Park Yong-Hu, at that moment, the world suddenly fell apart for him. At that time, Park Yong-Hu met with a priest and asked Yong-Hu to pray to God. However, no matter how hard his efforts to pray did not produce healing for his father and died. This childhood ghost made Park Yong-Hu never believe in God. Games Online dan Offline

In fact, when he was growing up, and a career as an MMA Athlete. He was so convinced, all of this was the result of his own efforts. There is no help from God at all. However, everything turned around when Park Yong-Hu felt mystical things and found his palms bleeding mysteriously. Scientifically, this event cannot be explained. Until finally Yong-Hu met with Father Ahn (Ahn Sung-Ki).

There is a big secret behind Yong-Hu. For Father Ahn to realize there are unexpected advantages to Yong-Hu. One of them is things related to the occult. One thing that Yong-Hu might never have trusted himself. On the other hand, Father Ahn is at odds with Ji Shin (Woo Do-Hwan) who is in alliance with the devil.

Mysterious scars and capable martial skills and an uncomfortable past, are Father An’s reasons for staying close to Park Yong-Hu. Both have the same goal. The purpose of searching for mysterious traces that are buried in the past Park Yong-Hu.

Everything is interrelated, so that in the end both have the same mission. Packed with a touch of thriller that will make the heart beat fast. You will see something new in the story of the film The Divine Fury.

What feels special about The Divine Fury is that it displays a combination of action, thriller and horror in a sweeter bandage. Indeed, there are some scenes that are tense and bloody, but not too gore like most films that might carry the same formula and concept of the story.

There is one other name that will make the audience feel suprise !. The presence of Choi Woo-Shik who did not appear too much, but has its own strengths in the development of the story. Nobody would have thought.

His appearance made unexpected little surprises. Makes the audience seem to be unable to guess who this character really is.

What is the mission and then the audience is carried away into a mystery that will make the viewer have to finish the film to the end. A hunt that will continue in the next film. Choi Woo-Shik will have his own storyline.

Making The Divine Fury have a big possibility for a sequel.

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