The Grudge (2020) Movie – Synopsis

A single mother who is also a detective named Muldoon (Andrea Riseborough) joined in an investigation into a murder case in a house. Games Online dan Offline

Not just any death, because a mysterious complexity is presented in irrational facts. A house that looks like normal, but then becomes a terrible. Peter Spencer (John Cho) has experienced it.

The Grudge 2020
The Grudge 2020

There is a very dark secret behind the house. The house is said to have been cursed by a vengeful ghost. Anyone. Anyone who enters the house must suffer terrible consequences. One step to the entrance means the same as delivering their lives to the ghost.

Muldoon, who is currently investigating the house, has to deal with something terrible. Terror for terror continues to emerge since he left the house. Now, he runs to save himself and his son from evil spirits from the cursed house in his neighborhood.

Then, what does Detective Muldoon have to do with all this? Who is Fiona Landers to Goodman? Really they know the secrets in the house?

Don’t miss watching The Grudge, which is produced by Sony Picture Entertainment.

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