This film became one of the box office films in South Korea. The genre carried by director Lee Sang Geun in this film is an action-adventure with a touch of comedy. Airing on the 21st, August 2019 later at the cinema CGV Cinemas and Cinemaxx, first follow the review or review of EXIT films. Games Online dan Offline

The purpose of the heart wants to make the mother happy and meet her idol. However, this desire would become a nightmare for Yongnam (Cho Jung Seok). The problems of his life that come in turns have become a terrible thing in his life. Just imagine, after college, he never got a job. Yongnam who lives with his parents and his older sister everyday.

However, suddenly Yongnam had an idea to celebrate his mother’s 70th birthday in a place quite far from where they lived. Yongnam has booked a Convention Hall called Dream Garden.


One more thing, besides wanting to surprise and make his mother happy, Yongnam turned out to have his own mission, which was to meet his idol girl during college, Eui Joo (Lim YoonA). Eui Joo works as an assistant manager at Dream Garden.

When he felt he had done something useful at one time, bad luck struck Yongnam again. Unexpectedly, a huge explosion struck and shocked the people around Dream Garden.

Not many people think that this explosion is just an ordinary explosion. However, no one suspected that the explosion came from a car. Damn it! The car is carrying poisonous gas that is ready to kill anyone.

One last destination Yongnam. Save his family, and of course the idol’s heart Eui Joo (Lim YoonA). Can Yongnam do it amid the madness of poisonous gas that is spreading?

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