Trade Your Love – Review

Trade Your Love is a South Korean comedy with a romantic-comedy genre. Games Online dan Offline

The players star popular actors and actresses such as; Kim Dong Wook who played Sung Seok, Go Sung Hee as Hae Joo, Hwang Bo Ra as Song Mi Yeon, Kim Eui Sung as Captain Chae, Im Ye Jin as Mother of Hae Joo, Yum Jung Ah as Ms. Cheon and Lee Chae Eun as Oh Hye Jin.

Trade Your Love
Trade Your Love

The story begins with Sung-seok, a man who works to manage an airline. If he wants to inherit the company, he must get married.

While Hae Joo, a woman whose family forced herself to get married soon. Hae Joo is also held hostage to his wishes, before his family’s wishes are fulfilled immediately.

Sung Seok and Hae Joo then accidentally meet at a blind date. They then decided to enter into married life by contract.

Contract marriages make them live the way they want. They pretend like a couple in general who was married last night 3 years. During the wedding preparations, the two of them faced unexpected difficulties.

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