Innocent Witness – Review

This is one of the Korean movies that I want people to watch. For those who have not watched it, let’s read this review so they can be sure to watch it or not. Games Online dan Offline

The Innocent Witness film tells the story of a lawyer named Yang Soon-Ho (Jung Woo-Sung) who was given the task of defending a defendant in a murder case. He believes that the defendant is not the culprit. This murder case was strengthened by the only witness who claimed to have seen the murder namely Im Ji-Woo (Kim Hyang-Gi) but this witness was still 15 years old and also had autism.

Maybe in terms of the story it looks normal, only about solving a murder case to determine whether the defendant is indeed the perpetrator or just a false guess. But, from this film, in my opinion there are a lot of morals that are delivered either directly or in the form of figures and I think that’s what makes me like this film. Moreover, supported by acting cool by Kin Hyang-Gi to portray autistic children even though I feel a little different from what I know, but maybe there are many types, especially in this story, the child is actually very smart. And maybe you can also guess about what the ending of this movie is, right?

This film is not very focused on proving that the defendant is not the perpetrator, but rather focused on how the lawyer tried to ingratiate the child to want to talk to him. From here we see or are taught how to make friends with them and how they can trust us.

Innocent Witness
Innocent Witness

The first moral that I got was this film invites us to see everything from the side of an autistic and genius child. Maybe we are not too aware of the autistic children around us, maybe there are even some who look at one eye about them. Seen from this film footage how the child is always bullied by his school friends even hurt by the only friend he has. One of the morals that I got from this film is not to underestimate children with special needs. They do have their own world but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be “hurt” because it’s different from us right?

In addition, this film shows the human conscience. Soon-Ho who works as a defendant’s lawyer certainly has to defend the defendant so that he does not change his status to be the perpetrator regardless of whether the defendant actually committed murder or not. Even in the real world, it is the lawyer’s duty to always defend the defendant. But, in my opinion if the lawyer defends the defendant so that he can be free from his sentence even though he committed a crime, in my opinion it is the wrong thing. Here we can see clearly how Soon-Ho struggles with his own heart to reveal the truth or professional in his work. Because it turns out that if a lawyer doesn’t defend his client then there will be his own sentence for the lawyer. This is where we can see, what kind of man is “wrestling” with his conscience.

Although a little mention, but here also shown about the struggle of parents. It seems like when we get older we tend to focus more on ourselves and tend to ignore parents a bit, maybe not everyone but I think most people are like that. Sometimes we just get angry with the care of our parents without realizing that it is a form of their love. A great struggle is also experienced by mothers whose children have autism. How does he try to always protect the child, teach the child and always think of the child’s happiness.

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